Directed by Andrew Thomas Huang

Los Angeles-based artist and filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang debuted his first solo exhibition entitled Interstice, a multi-sensory film installation and selection of digital prints inspired by lion dances, demon-warding, and occultish functions and depictions of the veil and all it has come to symbolize. As an experimental filmmaker whose multidisciplinary works frequently incorporate live action, puppetry, dance and animation, Huang hasearned a strong reputation for his collaborative practice with a diverse range of artists, including his extensive work with Icelandic artist Bjork, among others. His film and video works have been shown at The Museum of Modern Art, New York; MoMA PS1, New York; The Barbican Centre, London; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and Postmasters Gallery, New York.

Incubated out of Legs Media, Interstice features Huang’s collaboration with New York-based Flex dancers Bones the Machine, Brixx and Slicc, as well as artist-choreographer Jason Akira Somma, Grammy nominated musician CFCF and fashion designers threeASFOUR. The combined result of this collaboration conceived by Huang is a dream-like spatial experience that is rich, charged and full of palpable tension.

Interstice takes aim at constructing a 21st century ritual inspired by eastern and western medieval orthodox practices of evil-warding and divination that “thin the veil” between this world and another. As Huang elaborates, Interstice presents the veil “as a self-contained magic trick: a shapeshifting second skin loaded with potential energy to manipulate identities, and temporal-spatial dimensions that would otherwise be rendered immeasurable in its absence. Interstice is an attempt to pass through the veil that obscures our collective vision to reach a space in-between. An interstitial space.”